It's Me David
I screwed up.

I ended my last blog post with “David” instead of “ME.” That was my trademark. This blog is now fin.

To all my loyal fans (the Tumblr staff),


For you, one reader


Happy Passover,


Reading Period

I’m good at thinking things. I’m good at saying things. I’m bad at writing things. That describes the state of this blog. And the state of my reading (writing) period. Why do they call it reading period? Some people don’t read but rather write. Or draw. Or compose. Or blog. Or eat. At Cardullo’s. I don’t go to the Berg anymore. Except tonight. I like short sentences. And stream of consciousness. What’s wrong with stream of consciousness? Maybe articles would be more interesting if journalists just wrote everything on their mind. Or maybe they’d be hard to follow. Like this blog. Sorry, one reader.



Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

All important books have a dedication. This is like an important book. So to Lauren and Paige…for inspiring the greatest creation the interwebs have ever seen.

Corduroys make a weird noise when you walk. I don’t like it. 

I should make this blog about blogging. Inception.

Next time you’re in the dinging hall, mix green Powerade with orange Fanta. Put the Fanta in first. You’ll be amazed.




I’m not doing it.



Just realized that my one follower is the TUMBLR staff.  Not cool anymore.

4 posts in one day…watch out Bradley Bolman.



TUBMLR just e-mailed me to let me know I have a follower.  They said “score.”  I felt super cool.  Maybe that’s why people blog. 

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last posted…

Is it appropriate to say “momentous moment”?  I feel like that’s unnecessarily repetitive. Then why is it alright to say “momentous occasion”?

It’s cold here. 

Are daily disposable contacts not environmentally friendly? 

This is easy,


Are you there, John Harvard? It’s me, David.

I had a Cardullo’s sandwich at 3 pm.  It was the highlight of my day.

What’s with those new psych textbooks? What’s wrong with those old psych textbooks?

Shopping classes is tiring.

This is me. This is my project. If you don’t get it yet you might as well stop now.